Job seeker: Are you One of them?

With the recession going on, almost all are becoming a keen job seeker.  We could not blame all these people since they are also looking for decent employment that could sustain their needs. However, there is a job seeker which could not be qualified because of lacking degrees.

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Job seeker must look for legitimate and decent jobs.

Job seeker

Tips for a job seeker before applying


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Searching for a job in this huge market is difficult for most of the people. Because of this it is advised that every job seeker needs to be prepared. A lot of applicants are in a rush to apply but they failed because they are not ready or they think they are ready but ended up unsuccessful due to some things not noticed.  Everybody needs a job, and to get a job you should meet the standards of the employers. If you do not present the best possible product, chances are, potential; employers might turn you down. Finding a job is a long process and it is either gained or lost. If they don’t call back that would mean that you are not the person suitable for the job. To get out of this black hole, below are the winning tips for a job seeker.

Create a simple at the same time professional email address

Always use your last name and first name and get an international and reliable electronic mail server. The most popular and most recommendable is Gmail.

Make a winning Job seeker Resume

Your resume must be honest, simple, creative and at the same time appealing. Write down all your skills and achievements. Do not submit resume with more than three pages. Also, make sure to complete your basic profile.

Always check your social networking sites

As a Job seeker, you are responsible in your own actions. Your pictures must be professional, elegant and real. Avoid any inappropriate behaviors.

Always check your status and updates also the tags. Make sure ll of them are appropriate and professional. Never blunt out feelings that are mad or inappropriate. That would reflect more on your personality and not in the person you hate. If you don’t want to delete some pictures, you can set them in private where you and selected people can see.

Set up a blog

Sign up for a free site where you can place all your skills and all about you as job seeker.  The most commendable is tumbler and word press. Both are easy to use and of course, free. Keep in mind that personal post is prohibited. Posts should be about your achievements, schools, trainings and work experience.

Get more experience as job seeker

As you write down all your skills, you will have a tendency to think of some other skills which you have not acquired. Those are the skills you need to venture and experience some more. The more experience you have, the higher the chance of getting a good job.

The tips above for a job seeker will help you to attain a more professional approach to the companies you choose. Before getting the actual interview, keep in mind to practice reading, writing and speaking to have the best achievable picture. Everyone knows that the employment market is hard-hitting at present; however there are customs to detach you from the ample of common applicants. Following these winning tips mentioned above is a necessity for one job seeker.

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