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Recruitment Agencies: Are they Reliable?

Looking for a job can be a challenge and at the same time a risk to take.  Why? Because we do not know if the job we are applying for is existing.  This is the reason why we go to recruitment agencies to help us.

Degree United States may not be one of the recruitment agencies, but we can also help you earn a job fast. How? Just get a degree from us and you will never go wrong.  We have a reputation to take care of and we are happy to tell you that we have not created any negative news online!

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Recruitment agencies are helpful in giving the best jobs for us.

Recruitment agencies

The Pros and Cons of Recruitment agencies

Looking for the best employee or employees is very straining especially if you still have to review all the applications and resumes of all the applicants then once you have chosen the people you think will pass the qualifications of the company, you need to call those people then schedule them for an examination then after which, the interview. There are companies that require applicants to undergone series of tests and interviews. So, if you are the hiring officer, this task is very demanding and really a headache.   So, if you have this kind of job and yet you don’t have this sufficient working experience then most probably you will think of calling recruitment agencies to help you finish the task. Of course, you need to ask permission from your boss if they allow you to this or if they are open to the possibility of it.

On the other hand, people who prefer to apply at recruitment agencies instead of directly submitting their applications to the company also encounter some scenarios in which can affect their perception about agencies that offer jobs for job seekers like you. Actually, the jobs from these agencies are temporary or let us say, contractual basis. So, if you’re done with the six months contract you have to renew it with the agency. Well, that will also depend on the agency if they will allow you to renew. So, given here are the pros and cons. Read and decide whether you want to continue working with recruitment agencies or not anymore.

The Advantages of Short-term Job

For job seekers, one of the many benefits of recruitment agencies is that you have the chance to work with different kinds of people and companies. Agencies can provide you jobs because of its networking abilities. Thus, this allows you to have more connections which you can use later on to get a job on your own without the help of agencies. So, unlike with permanent job that you’re working with one company all through out unless the company will kick you out. Secondly, short-term jobs never let you get boring. During the first few months in the company is very exciting and thrilling since you will be learning a lot of things. Moreover,  you have the freedom to change the company you are working with without worrying too much if you can still get the job because you just need to inform the recruitment agencies you are working with that you are not comfortable with the company that they gave you. Thus, they can transfer you to another job which you think you can work well without hassles. Because of this, you can discover what kind of work you are happy with as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, you can acquire new skills that can increase your self-esteem and confidence. This will make you worthy and allows you to be in higher position later on if given a chance. The skills that you will be learning will be added to your profile and will make you more qualified for any job opening.

The disadvantages of Short-term Job

The disadvantage of short-term jobs offered by these recruitment agencies is that employees don’t have the surety if the company they are working with in the present will again renew their contract with you. Meaning to say, if the company will not anymore get the agency’s services hen you have to wait for another job opening that suits your profile. Moreover, job from recruitment agencies such this has lower rate in terms of pay since there are some deductions to your actual rate.

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